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Xylem Water Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd


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  6 Wan Lee Road

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  Achieve higher levels of efficiency and performance with the newly designed e-range pumps from Xylem Lowara. The system experts of Xylem and its Lowara brand has redesigned and enhanced the hydraulic efficiency of the e-range for an MEI better than 0.6 exceeding the European ErP 2015 requirements. IE3 motors are fitted as standard and IE4 can be achieved by fitted our Hydrovar Variable speed drives. Our products within the range include: e-SV (vertical multistage) | e-NSC (end suction) | e-HM (horizontal multistage) | e-LNE & LNT (single & twin in-line) | e-SH (316 stainless end suction).

Singapore Green Building Council Membership

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Since 2015

Certificate Number Category Rating Valid Till Brand Model(s)
SGBP 2017-940 Mechanical > Pump > Chilled/Condenser Water 1 October 2019 eNSC Series 32-125,32-160,32-200,NSC2 32-250,32-250,40-125,40-160,40-200,40-250,50-125,50-160.50-200,50-250,50-315,65-125,65-160,65-200,65-250,65-315,80-160,80-200,80-250,80-316,100-160,100-200,100-250,100-316,125-200,125-315,32-125,32-160,32-200,NSC2 32-250,32-250,40-125,40-160,40-200,40-250,50-125,50-160,50-200,50-250,50-315,65-125,65-160,65-200,65-250,65-325,80-160,80-200,80-250,80-316,80-400,100-160,100-200,100-250,100-325,100-400, 125-200,125-250,125-315,125-400, 150-200,150-250,150-315,150-400,150-500
SGBP 2017-941 Mechanical > Pump > Chilled/Condenser Water 1 October 2019 eLNE Series 40-125/145,40-160/171,40-200/205,40-250/259,50-125/135,50-160/165,50-200/199,50-250/257.5,65-125/148,65-160/176,65-200/209,65-250/256,80-160/176,80-200/220, 80-250/229,100-160/177,100-200/208,100-250/214,40-125/145,40-160/171,40-200/205, 40-250/259, 50-125/135,50-160/165,50-200/199,50-250/257.5, 65-125/148,65-160/176,65-200/209,65-250/256,80-160/180,80-200/220,80-250/258,80-315/334,100-160/177,100-200/219,100-250/259,100-315,334,125-160/190,125-200/229,125-250/259,125-315/334,150-200/225,150-250
SGBP 2018-1277 Mechanical > Pump > Domestic Water 19 March 2020 eSV Series 1SV02, 1SV03, 1SV04, 1SV05, 1SV06, 1SV07, 1SV08, 1SV09, 1SV10, 1SV11, 1SV12, 1SV13, 1SV15, 1SV17, 1SV19, 1SV22, 1SV25, 1SV27, 1SV30, 1SV32, 1SV34, 1SV37, 3SV02, 3SV03, 3SV04, 3SV05, 3SV06, 3SV07, 3SV08, 3SV09, 3SV10, 3SV11, 3SV12, 3SV13, 3SV14, 3SV16, 3SV19, 3SV21, 3SV23, 3SV25, 3SV27, 3SV29, 3SV31, 3SV33, 5SV02, 5SV03, 5SV04, 5SV05, 5SV06, 5SV07, 5SV08, 5SV09, 5SV10, 5SV11, 5SV12, 5SV13, 5SV14, 5SV15, 5SV16, 5SV18, 5SV21, 5SV23, 5SV25, 5SV28, 5SV30, 5SV33, 10SV01, 10SV02, 10SV03, 10SV04, 10SV05, 10SV06, 10SV07, 10SV08, 10SV09, 10SV10, 10SV11, 10SV13, 10SV15, 10SV17, 10SV18, 10SV20, 10SV21, 15SV01, 15SV02, 15SV03, 15SV04, 15SV05, 15SV06, 15SV07, 15SV08, 15SV09, 15SV10, 15SV11, 15SV13, 15SV15, 15SV17, 22SV01, 22SV02, 22SV03, 22SV04, 22SV05, 22SV06, 22SV07, 22SV08, 22SV09, 22SV10, 22SV12, 22SV14, 22SV17, 33SV1/1A, 33SV1, 33SV2/2A, 33SV2/1A, 33SV2, 33SV3/2A, 33SV3/1A, 33SV3, 33SV4/2A, 33SV4/1A, 33SV4, 33SV5/2A, 33SV5/1A, 33SV5, 33SV6/2A, 33SV6/1A, 33SV6, 33SV7/2A 33SV7/1A, 33SV7, 33SV8/2A, 33SV8/1A, 33SV8, 33SV9/2A, 33SV9/1A, 33SV9, 33SV10/2A, 33SV10/1A, 33SV10, 66SV1/1A, 66SV1, 66SV2/2A, 66SV2/1A, 66SV2, 66SV3/2A, 66SV3/1A, 66SV3, 66SV4/2A, 66SV4/1A, 66SV4, 66SV5/2A, 66SV5/1A, 66SV5, 66SV6/2A, 66SV6/1A, 66SV6, 66SV7/2A, 66SV7/1A, 66SV7, 66SV8/2A, 66SV8/1A, 66SV8, 92SV1/1A, 92SV1, 92SV2/2A, 92SV2, 92SV3/2A, 92SV3, 92SV4/2A, 92SV4, 92SV5/2A, 92SV5, 92SV6/2A, 92SV6, 92SV7/2A
SGBP 2018- 1403 Mechanical > Pump > VSD Multi Booster/Transfer Pump System 16 April 2020 Lowara GHV40/10SV01, GHV40/10SV02, GHV40/10SV03, GHV40/10SV04, GHV40/10SV05, GHV40/10SV06, GHV40/10SV07, GHV40/10SV08, GHV40/10SV09, GHV40/10SV10, GHV40/10SV11, GHV40/10SV13, GHV40/15SV01, GHV40/15SV02, GHV40/15SV03, GHV40/15SV04, GHV40/15SV05, GHV40/15SV06, GHV40/15SV07, GHV40/15SV08, GHV40/15SV09, GHV40/15SV10 , GHV40/22SV01, GHV40/22SV02, GHV40/22SV03, GHV40/22SV04, GHV40/22SV05, GHV40/22SV06, GHV40/22SV07, GHV40/22SV08, GHV40/22SV09, GHV40/22SV10 , GHV40/33SV1/1A, GHV40/33SV1, GHV40/33SV2/2A, GHV40/33SV2/1A, GHV40/33SV2, GHV40/33SV3/2A, GHV40/33SV3/1A, GHV40/33SV3, GHV40/33SV4/2A, GHV40/33SV4/1A, GHV40/33SV4, GHV40/33SV5/2A, GHV40/33SV5/1A, GHV40/33SV5, GHV40/33SV6/2A, GHV40/33SV6/1A, GHV40/33SV6, GHV40/33SV7/2A , GHV40/46SV1/1A, GHV40/46SV1, GHV40/46SV2/2A, GHV40/46SV2, GHV40/46SV3/2A GHV40/46SV3, GHV40/46SV4/2A, GHV40/46SV4, GHV40/46SV5/2A, GHV40/46SV5, GHV40/46SV6/2A, GHV40/46SV6 , GHV40/66SV1/1A, GHV40/66SV1, GHV40/66SV2/2A, GHV40/66SV2/1A, GHV40/66SV2, GHV40/66SV3/2A, GHV40/66SV3/1A, GHV40/66SV3, GHV40/66SV4/2A, GHV40/66SV4/1A, GHV40/66SV4 , GHV40/92SV1/1A, GHV40/92SV1, GHV40/92SV2/2A, GHV40/92SV3/2A, GHV40/92SV3, GHV40/92SV2
SGBP 2018- 1402 Mechanical > Pump > VSD Multi Booster/Transfer Pump System 16 April 2020 Lowara GHV30/5SV03, GHV30/5SV04, GHV30/5SV05, GHV30/5SV06, GHV30/5SV07, GHV30/5SV08, GHV30/5SV09, GHV30/5SV10, GHV30/5SV11, GHV30/5SV12, GHV30/5SV13, GHV30/5SV14, GHV30/5SV15, GHV30/5SV16, GHV30/5SV18, GHV30/5SV21 , GHV30/10SV01, GHV30/10SV02, GHV30/10SV03, GHV30/10SV04, GHV30/10SV05, GHV30/10SV06, GHV30/10SV07, GHV30/10SV08, GHV30/10SV09, GHV30/10SV10, GHV30/10SV11, GHV30/10SV13 , GHV30/15SV01, GHV30/15SV02, GHV30/15SV03, GHV30/15SV04, GHV30/15SV05, GHV30/15SV06, GHV30/15SV07, GHV30/15SV08, GHV30/15SV09, GHV30/15SV10 , GHV30/22SV01, GHV30/22SV02, GHV30/22SV03, GHV30/22SV04, GHV30/22SV05, GHV30/22SV06, GHV30/22SV07, GHV30/22SV08, GHV30/22SV09, GHV30/22SV10 , GHV30/33SV1/1A, GHV30/33SV1, GHV30/33SV2/2A, GHV30/33SV2/1A, GHV30/33SV2, GHV30/33SV3/2A, GHV30/33SV3/1A, GHV30/33SV3, GHV30/33SV4/2A, GHV30/33SV4/1A, GHV30/33SV4, GHV30/33SV5/2A, GHV30/33SV5/1A, GHV30/33SV5, GHV30/33SV6/2A, GHV30/33SV6/1A, GHV30/33SV6, GHV30/33SV7/2A , GHV30/46SV1/1A, GHV30/46SV1, GHV30/46SV2/2A, GHV30/46SV2, GHV30/46SV3/2A, GHV30/46SV3, GHV30/46SV4/2A,GHV30/46SV4, GHV30/46SV5/2A, GHV30/46SV5, GHV30/46SV6/2A, GHV30/46SV6 , GHV30/66SV1/1A, GHV30/66SV1, GHV30/66SV2/2A, GHV30/66SV2/1A, GHV30/66SV2, GHV30/66SV3/2A, GHV30/66SV3/1A, GHV30/66SV3, GHV30/66SV4/2A, GHV30/66SV4/1A, GHV30/66SV4 , GHV30/92SV1/1A, GHV30/92SV1, GHV30/92SV2/2A, GHV30/92SV3/2,A GHV30/92SV3, GHV30/92SV2
SGBP 2018-1401 Mechanical > Pump > VSD Multi Booster/Transfer Pump System 16 April 2020 Lowara GHV20/3SV05, GHV20/3SV06, GHV20/3SV07, GHV20/3SV08, GHV20/3SV09, GHV20/3SV10, GHV20/3SV11, GHV20/3SV12, GHV20/3SV13, GHV20/3SV14, GHV20/3SV16, GHV20/3SV19, GHV20/3SV21 , GHV20/5SV03, GHV20/5SV04, GHV20/5SV05, GHV20/5SV06, GHV20/5SV07, GHV20/5SV08, GHV20/5SV09, GHV20/5SV10, GHV20/5SV11, GHV20/5SV12, GHV20/5SV13, GHV20/5SV14, GHV20/5SV15, GHV20/5SV16, GHV20/5SV18, GHV20/5SV21 , GHV20/10SV01, GHV20/10SV02, GHV20/10SV03, GHV20/10SV04, GHV20/10SV05, GHV20/10SV06, GHV20/10SV07, GHV20/10SV08, GHV20/10SV09, GHV20/10SV10, GHV20/10SV11 , GHV20/15SV01, GHV20/15SV02, GHV20/15SV03, GHV20/15SV04, GHV20/15SV05, GHV20/15SV06, GHV20/15SV07, GHV20/15SV08, GHV20/15SV09, GHV20/15SV10 , GHV20/22SV01, GHV20/22SV02, GHV20/22SV03, GHV20/22SV04, GHV20/22SV05, GHV20/22SV06, GHV20/22SV07, GHV20/22SV08, GHV20/22SV09, GHV20/22SV10 , GHV20/33SV1/1A, GHV20/33SV1, GHV20/33SV2/2A, GHV20/33SV2/1A, GHV20/33SV2, GHV20/33SV3/2A, GHV20/33SV3/1A, GHV20/33SV3, GHV20/33SV4/2A, GHV20/33SV4/1A, GHV20/33SV4, GHV20/33SV5/2A, GHV20/33SV5/1A, GHV20/33SV5, GHV20/33SV6/2A, GHV20/33SV6/1A, GHV20/33SV6, GHV20/33SV7/2A , GHV20/46SV1/1A, GHV20/46SV1, GHV20/46SV2/2A, GHV20/46SV2, GHV20/46SV3/2A, GHV20/46SV3, GHV20/46SV4/2A, GHV20/46SV4, GHV20/46SV5/2A, GHV20/46SV5 ,GHV20/46SV6/2A, GHV20/46SV6 , GHV20/66SV1/1A, GHV20/66SV1, GHV20/66SV2/2A, GHV20/66SV2/1A, GHV20/66SV2, GHV20/66SV3/2A, GHV20/66SV3/1A, GHV20/66SV3, GHV20/66SV4/2A, GHV20/66SV4/1A, GHV20/66SV4 , GHV20/92SV1/1A, GHV20/92SV1, GHV20/92SV2/2A, GHV20/92SV3/2A, GHV20/92SV3, GHV20/92SV2
SGBP 2019-2297 Mechanical > Plumbing & Sanitary > Grease Trap 27 March 2021 Trapzilla TZ-160, TZ-400, TZ-600, TZ-1826