Truwater Singapore Pte Ltd

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Truwater Singapore Pte Ltd


  1 Soon Lee Street, #06-33 Pioneer Centre, Singapore 627605

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Manufacturer / Distributor / Reseller, Energy Efficiency Solution Provider

  To meet chilled water plant efficiency with minimum kilowatt usage and provision of green building products

Singapore Green Building Council Membership

Corporate Member

Since 2014

Certificate Number Category Rating Valid Till Brand Model(s)
SGBP 2017-762 Mechanical > Cooling Tower > Cooling Tower 26 February 2019 Truwater VXS Series - VXS 2220C-1L, VXS 2227D-1L, VXS 2230D-1L, VXS 2240E-1L, VXS 2625D-1L, VXS 2630D-1L, VXS 2630E-1L, VXS 2640E-1L, VXS 3030E-1L, VXS 3030F-1L, VXS 3040F-1L, VXS 3040G-1L, VXS 3430F-1L, VXS 3430G-1L, VXS 3440G-1L, VXS 3440H-1L, VXS 3830F-1L, VXS 3830G-1L, VXS 3840H-1L, VXS 3840I-1L, VXS 4230G-1L, VXS 4230H-1L, VXS 4240H-1L, VXS 4240I-1L, VXS 4630H-1L, VXS 4630I-1L, VXS 4640H-1L, VXS 4640I-1L, VXS 4640J-1L, VXS 2240D-1L, VXS 3430E-1L, VXS 3840G-1L, VXS 4630G-1L, VXS 2220B-1L, VXS 2227B-1L, VXS 2227C-1L, VXS 2230C-1L, VXS 2240C-1L, VXS 2625C-1L, VXS 2630C-1L, VXS 2640D-1L, VXS 3030D-1L, VXS 3040D-1L, VXS 3040E-1L, VXS 3430D-1L, VXS 3440E-1L, VXS 3440F-1L, VXS 3830E-1L, VXS 3840E-1L, VXS 3840F-1L, VXS 4230E-1L, VXS 4230F-1L, VXS 4240F-1L, VXS 4240G-1L, VXS 4630E-1L, VXS 4630F-1L, VXS 4640G-1L, VXS 2220A-1L, VXS 2227A-1L, VXS 2240B-1L, VXS 2625B-1L, VXS 2630B-1L, VXS 2640C-1L, VXS 3030C-1L, VXS 3430C-1L, VXS 3440D-1L, VXS 3830D-1L, VXS 3840D-1L, VXS 4230D-1L, VXS 4240E-1L, VXS 4630D-1L, VXS 4640E-1L, VXS 4640F-1L, VXS 2230A-1L, VXS 2230B-1L, VXS 2240A-1L, VXS 2630A-1L, VXS 2640A-1L, VXS 2640B-1L, VXS 3030B-1L, VXS 3040B-1L, VXS 3040C-1L, VXS 3430B-1L, VXS 3440B-1L, VXS 3440C-1L, VXS 3830C-1L, VXS 3840C-1L, VXS 4230C-1L, VXS 4240C-1L, VXS 4240D-1L, VXS 4630C-1L, VXS 4640C-1L, VXS 4640D-1L, VXS 2625A-1L
SGBP 2017-763 Mechanical > Cooling Tower > Cooling Tower 26 February 2019 Truwater ECS 1818I1-1B, ECS 2222K1-1B, ECS 0711A4-1B, ECS 0711B4-1B, ECS 0811C4-1B, ECS 0911C4-1B, ECS 0911D4-1B, ECS 1012D4-1B, ECS 1111D4-1B, ECS 1212D4-1B, ECS 1212E4-1B, ECS 1313E4-1B, ECS 1313F4-1B, ECS 1414E4-1B, ECS 1414F4-1B, , ECS 2222I1-1B, ECS 2222J1-1B, ECS 2424J1-1B, ECS 2424K1-1B, ECS 0811B4-1B, ECS 0911B4-1B, ECS 1012C4-1B, ECS 1111C4-1B, ECS 1313D4-1B, ECS 1414D4-1B, ECS 1515E4-1B, ECS 1616G4-1B, ECS 1616H4-1B , ECS 1515F4-1B, ECS 1515G4-1B, ECS 1717H4-1B, ECS 1818H4-1B, ECS 2020I4-1B, ECS 2020J4-1B, ECS 2222I4-1B, ECS 2222J4-1B, ECS 2424J4-1B, ECS 2424K4-1B, ECS 0711A3-1B, ECS 0711B3-1B, ECS 0811C3-1B, ECS 0911C3-1B , ECS 0911D3-1B, , ECS 1717F4-1B, ECS 1717G4-1B, ECS 1818F4-1B, ECS 1818G4-1B, ECS 2020H4-1B, ECS 2222H4-1B, ECS 2424H4-1B, ECS 2424I4-1B, ECS 0811B3-1B, ECS 0911B3-1B, ECS 1012C3-1B, ECS 1111C3-1B, ECS 1313D3-1B, ECS 1414D3-1B, ECS 1515E3-1B, , ECS 0811A3-1B, ECS 0911A3-1B, ECS 1012B3-1B, ECS 1111B3-1B, ECS 1313C3-1B, ECS 1414B3-1B, ECS 1414C3-1B, ECS 1515D3-1B, ECS 1616D3-1B, ECS 1616E3-1B, ECS 1717E3-1B, ECS 1818E3-1B, ECS 2020F3-1B, ECS 2020G3-1B, , ECS 1012D3-1B, ECS 1111D3-1B, ECS 1212D3-1B, ECS 1212E3-1B, ECS 1313E3-1B, ECS 1313F3-1B, ECS 1414E3-1B, ECS 1414F3-1B, ECS 1515F3-1B, ECS 1515G3-1B, ECS 1717H3-1B, ECS 1818H3-1B, ECS 2020I3-1B, ECS 2020J3-1B, ECS 2222I3-1B, , ECS 1616G3-1B, ECS 1616H3-1B, ECS 1717F3-1B, ECS 1717G3-1B, ECS 1818F3-1B, ECS 1818G3-1B, ECS 2020H3-1B, ECS 2222H3-1B, ECS 2424H3-1B, ECS 2424I3-1B, ECS 0811B2-1B, ECS 0911B2-1B, ECS 1012C2-1B, ECS 1111C2-1B, ECS 1313D2-1B, , ECS 2222G3-1B,ECS 2424G3-1B, ECS 0811A2-1B, ECS 0911A2-1B, ECS 1012B2-1B, ECS 1111B2-1B, ECS 1313C2-1B, ECS 1414B2-1B, ECS 1414C2-1B, ECS 1515D2-1B, ECS 1616D2-1B, ECS 1616E2-1B, ECS 1717E2-1B, ECS 1818E2-1B, ECS 2020F2-1B, , ECS 2222J3-1B, ECS 2424J3-1B, ECS 2424K3-1B, ECS 0711A2-1B, ECS 0711B2-1B, ECS 0811C2-1B, ECS 0911C2-1B, ECS 0911D2-1B, ECS 1012D2-1B, ECS 1111D2-1B, ECS 1212D2-1B, ECS 1212E2-1B, ECS 1313E2-1B, ECS 1313F2-1B, ECS 1414E2-1B, , ECS 1414D2-1B, ECS 1515E2-1B, ECS 1616G2-1B, ECS 1616H2-1B, ECS 1717F2-1B, ECS 1717G2-1B, ECS 1818F2-1B, ECS 1818G2-1B, ECS 2020H2-1B, ECS 2222H2-1B, ECS 2424H2-1B, ECS 2424I2-1B, ECS 0811B1-1B, ECS 0911B1-1B, ECS 1012C1-1B, , ECS 2020G2-1B, ECS 2222G2-1B, ECS 2424G2-1B, ECS 0811A1-1B, ECS 0911A1-1B, ECS 1012B1-1B, ECS 1111B1-1B, ECS 1313C1-1B, ECS 1414B1-1B, ECS 1414C1-1B, ECS 1515D1-1B, ECS 1616D1-1B, ECS 1616E1-1B, ECS 1717E1-1B, ECS 1818E1-1B, ECS 2020F1-1B, ECS 2020G1-1B, ECS 2222G1-1B, ECS 2424G1-1B, ECS 0711C4-1B, ECS 0811D4-1B, ECS 1012E4-1B, ECS 1111E4-1B, ECS 1212F4-1B, ECS 1717I4-1B, ECS 1818I4-1B, ECS 2222K4-1B, ECS 0711C3-1B, ECS 0811D3-1B, ECS 1012E3-1B, ECS 1111E3-1B, ECS 1212F3-1B, ECS 1717I3-1B, ECS 1818I3-1B, , ECS 1414F2-1B, ECS 1515F2-1B, ECS 1515G2-1B, ECS 1717H2-1B, ECS 1818H2-1B, ECS 2020I2-1B, ECS 2020J2-1B, ECS 2222I2-1B, ECS 2222J2-1B, ECS 2424J2-1B, ECS 2424K2-1B, ECS 0711A1-1B, ECS 0711B1-1B, ECS 0811C1-1B, ECS 0911C1-1B , , ECS 1111C1-1B, ECS 1313D1-1B, ECS 1414D1-1B, ECS 1515E1-1B, ECS 1616G1-1B, ECS 1616H1-1B, ECS 1717F1-1B, ECS 1717G1-1B, ECS 1818F1-1B, ECS 1818G1-1B, ECS 2020H1-1B, ECS 2222H1-1B, ECS 2424H1-1B, ECS 2424I1-1B, ECS 0811A4-1B, , ECS 0606Z4-1U, ECS 0606A4-1V, ECS 1012F4-1B, ECS 1010E4-1B, ECS 1111F4-1B, ECS 1212G4-1B, ECS 1313G4-1B, ECS 1515H4-1B, ECS 1616I4-1B, ECS 1717J4-1B, ECS 1818J4-1B, ECS 2020K4-1B, ECS 2222L4-1B, ECS 2424L4-1B, , ECS 2222K3-1B, ECS 0711C2-1B, ECS 0811D2-1B, ECS 1012E2-1B, ECS 1111E2-1B, ECS 1212F2-1B, ECS 1717I2-1B, ECS 1818I2-1B, ECS 2222K2-1B, ECS 0711C1-1B, ECS 0811D1-1B, ECS 1012E1-1B, ECS 1111E1-1B, ECS 1212F1-1B, ECS 1717I1-1B, , ECS 0911D1-1B, ECS 1012D1-1B, ECS 1111D1-1B, ECS 1212D1-1B, ECS 1212E1-1B, ECS 1313E1-1B, ECS 1313F1-1B, ECS 1414E1-1B, ECS 1414F1-1B, ECS 1515F1-1B, ECS 1515G1-1B, ECS 1717H1-1B, ECS 1818H1-1B, ECS 2020I1-1B , ECS 2020J1-1B, , ECS 0911A4-1B, ECS 1012B4-1B, ECS 1111B4-1B, ECS 1313C4-1B, ECS 1414B4-1B, ECS 1414C4-1B, ECS 1515D4-1B, ECS 1616D4-1B, ECS 1616E4-1B, ECS 1717E4-1B, ECS 1818E4-1B, ECS 2020F4-1B, ECS 2020G4-1B, ECS 2222G4-1B, ECS 2424G4-1B, , ECS 0606Y4-1U, ECS 0606Y4-1V, ECS 0606Z4-1V, ECS 0707Z4-1V, ECS 0707A4-1V, ECS 1010D4-1B, ECS 1414G4-1B, ECS 0606X4-1U, ECS 0707Y4-1V, ECS 1010C4-1B, ECS 0606X4-1V, ECS 0707X4-1V, ECS 1010B4-1B , ECS 0911E4-1B, ECS 1010F4-1B
SGBP 2017-764 Mechanical > Cooling Tower > Cooling Tower 26 February 2019 Truwater EXS 0810E-1B, EXS 0810F-1B, EXS 0812E-1B, EXS 0812F-1B, EXS 0910E-1B, EXS 0910F-1B, EXS 0912E-1B, EXS 0912F-1B, EXS 1110F-1B, EXS 1110G-1B, EXS 1110H-1B, EXS 1112G-1B, EXS 1112H-1B, EXS 1114H-1B, EXS 1114I-1B, , EXS 0910C-1B, EXS 0912C-1B, EXS 1110D-1B, EXS 1112D-1B, EXS 1114E-1B, EXS 1210D-1B, EXS 1212E-1B, EXS 1216E-1B, EXS 1312E-1B, EXS 1314E-1B, EXS 1314F-1B, EXS 1316F-1B, EXS 1316G-1B, EXS 1318G-1B, EXS 1412F-1B, , EXS 0707D-1B, EXS 0709D-1B, EXS 0711D-1B, EXS 0807D-1B, EXS 0807E-1B, EXS 0807F-1B, EXS 0809D-1B, EXS 0809E-1B, EXS 0811E-1B, EXS 1214H-1B, EXS 1214I-1B, EXS 1209H-1B, EXS 1209I-1B, EXS 1309H-1B, EXS 1309I-1B, , EXS 1209B-1B, EXS 1209C-1B, EXS 1209D-1B, EXS 1309B-1B, EXS 1309C-1B, EXS 1309D-1B, EXS 1409C-1B, EXS 1409D-1B, EXS 1210G-1B, EXS 1210H-1B, EXS 1212H-1B, EXS 1212I-1B, EXS 1216H-1B, EXS 1216I-1B, EXS 1312H-1B, EXS 1312I-1B, EXS 1312J-1B, EXS 1314H-1B, EXS 1314I-1B, EXS 1314J-1B, EXS 1316I-1B, EXS 1316J-1B, EXS 1316K-1B, , EXS 1412G-1B, EXS 1414G-1B, EXS 1416G-1B, EXS 1418H-1B, EXS 1420H-1B, EXS 0810Y-1B, EXS 0810Z-1B, EXS 0810A-1B, EXS 0812Y-1B, EXS 0812Z-1B, EXS 0812A-1B, EXS 0812B-1B, EXS 0910Z-1B, EXS 0910A-1B, EXS 0910B-1B, , EXS 1409I-1B, EXS 1409J-1B, EXS 0707B-1B, EXS 0707C-1B, EXS 0709C-1B, EXS 0711C-1B, EXS 0807C-1B, EXS 0809C-1B, EXS 0811D-1B, EXS 1214F-1B, EXS 1214G-1B, EXS 1209F-1B, EXS 1209G-1B, EXS 1309F-1B, EXS 1309G-1B, , EXS 1318J-1B, EXS 1318K-1B, EXS 1412I-1B, EXS 1412J-1B, EXS 1412K-1B, EXS 1414J-1B, EXS 1414K-1B, EXS 1416J-1B, EXS 1416K-1B, EXS 1418K-1B, EXS 1420K-1B, EXS 1420L-1B, EXS 0810C-1B, EXS 0810D-1B, EXS 0812D-1B, , EXS 0912A-1B, EXS 0912B-1B, EXS 1110A-1B, EXS 1110B-1B, EXS 1110C-1B, EXS 1112B-1B, EXS 1112C-1B, EXS 1114B-1B, EXS 1114C-1B, EXS 1114D-1B, EXS 1210B-1B, EXS 1210C-1B, EXS 1212C-1B, EXS 1212D-1B, EXS 1216C-1B, , EXS 1409G-1B, EXS 1409H-1B, EXS 0707A-1B, EXS 0709B-1B, EXS 0711B-1B, EXS 0807B-1B, EXS 0809B-1B, EXS 0811B-1B, EXS 0811C-1B, EXS 1214E-1B, EXS 1209E-1B, EXS 1309E-1B, EXS 1409E-1B, EXS 1409F-1B, EXS 0707X-1B, , EXS 0910D-1B, EXS 0912D-1B, EXS 1110E-1B, EXS 1112E-1B, EXS 1112F-1B, EXS 1114F-1B, EXS 1114G-1B, EXS 1210E-1B, EXS 1210F-1B, EXS 1212F-1B, EXS 1212G-1B, EXS 1216F-1B, EXS 1216G-1B, EXS 1312F-1B, EXS 1312G-1B, , EXS 1216D-1B, EXS 1312C-1B, EXS 1312D-1B, EXS 1314D-1B, EXS 1316D-1B, EXS 1316E-1B, EXS 1318D-1B, EXS 1318E-1B, EXS 1318F-1B, EXS 1412D-1B , EXS 0707Y-1B, EXS 0707Z-1B, EXS 0709X-1B, EXS 0709Y-1B, EXS 0709Z-1B, EXS 0709A-1B, EXS 0711X-1B, EXS 0711Y-1B, EXS 0711Z-1B, EXS 0711A-1B, EXS 0807X-1B, EXS 0807Y-1B, EXS 0807Z-1B, EXS 0807A-1B, EXS 0809X-1B, , EXS 1314G-1B, EXS 1316H-1B, EXS 1318H-1B, EXS 1318I-1B, EXS 1412H-1B, EXS 1414H-1B, EXS 1414I-1B, EXS 1416H-1B, EXS 1416I-1B, EXS 1418I-1B, EXS 1418J-1B, EXS 1420I-1B , EXS 1420J-1B, EXS 0810B-1B, EXS 0812C-1B, , EXS 1412E-1B, EXS 1414D-1B, EXS 1414E-1B, EXS 1414F-1B, EXS 1416D-1B, EXS 1416E-1B, EXS 1416F-1B, EXS 1418D-1B, EXS 1418E-1B, EXS 1418F-1B, EXS 1418G-1B, EXS 1420D-1B, EXS 1420E-1B, EXS 1420F-1B, EXS 1420G-1B, , EXS 0809Y-1B, EXS 0809Z-1B, EXS 0809A-1B, EXS 0811X-1B, EXS 0811Y-1B, EXS 0811Z-1B, EXS 0811A-1B, EXS 0810X-1B, EXS 0812X-1B, EXS 0910Y-1B, EXS 0912Y-1B, EXS 0912Z-1B, EXS 1214C-1B, EXS 1214D-1B, EXS 1209A-1B, , EXS 1309J-1B