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  26 Tanjong Kling Road

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Manufacturer / Distributor / Reseller

  Eastern Pretech is actively involved with research and development of Green Building Products and Technology. It endeavours to use as much as possible recycled material and industrial waste in the production of some of its building products

Singapore Green Building Council Membership

Founding Member

Since 2009

Certificate Number Category Rating Valid Till Brand Model(s)
SGBP 2017-850 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 8 June 2019 EP RC90G (C70/90), RC90GW (C70/90), HCS-AV5/WV6 (C40/50), HCSWV- 8 (C40/50), HCS-EV5 (C40/50), HCS-EV6 (C40/50), Normal G40- ID (C32/40), Normal G40-OD (C32/40), RMC G40-ID (C32/40), Normal G40 with 10mm-ID (C32/40), SFRC Tunnel G60-ID (C50/60), HCSAV4/ MV4 (C40/50), HCS-AV5/MV5 (C40/50), HCS-EV6 (C40/50), Normal G40 (RMC-402) (C32/40), Normal G45 (C35/45), HCS-EV4 SF5% (C40/50), RC70G (C57/70), RC70GW (C57/70), RC80G (C65/80), RC80GW (C65/80), RC80GF (C65/80), RC80GFW (C65/80), RC90GF (C70/90), RC90GFW (C70/90)
SGBP 2017-851 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 8 June 2019 EP HC50G (C40/50), HC50GW (C40/50), HC50GM (C40/50), HC60G (C50/60), HC60GW (C50/60), HC70G (C57/70), HC70GW (C57/70), HC80G (C65/80), HC80GW (C65/80), RC40G (C32/40), RC40GW (C32/40), RC50G (C40/50), RC50GW (C40/50), RC60G (C50/60), RC60GW (C50/60), RC70GL (C57/70), RC70GLW (C57/70), Normal G25-ID (C20/25), Normal G30-ID (C25/30), HC-501-GF (C50/60), Normal 25 (C20/25), Normal 35 (C28/35), RC-406-GF (C32/40), G45-PFA (C35/45), RC-411-GF (C40/50), RC-602-GFT (C50/60), HC50GF (C40/50), HC50GFW (C40/50), HC70GF (C57/70), HC70GFW (C57/70), HC80GF (C65/80), HC80GFW (C65/80), RC-406-GFW (C32/40), G45-PFAW (C35/45), RC-411-GFW (C40/50), TS60 (C50/60), RC50GF (C40/50), RC50GFW (C40/50), RC60GF (C50/60), RC60GFW (C50/60), RC70GF (C57/70), RC70GFW (C57/70)