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Certified Concrete

Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-996 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton ASTM C94 Standard C5, C10, C20, C30 C35, C40
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-737 9 February 2019 PanU-Eco EC C6/8, EC C8/10. EC C12/15, EC C16/20, EC C20/25, EC(R) C6/8, EC(R) C8/10. EC(R) C12/15, EC(R) C16/20, EC(R) C20/25, EC(W) C6/8, EC(W) C8/10. EC(W) C12/15, EC(W) C16/20, EC(W) C20/25, EC(RW) C6/8, EC(RW) C8/10. EC(RW) C12/15, EC(RW) C16/20, EC(RW) C20/25
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-740 9 February 2019 PanU-Green IIIA GIIIA C25/30, GIIIA C28/35, GIIIA C30/37, GIIIA C32/40, GIIIA C35/45, GIIIA C40/50, GIIIA C45/55, GIIIA C50/60, GIIIA C55/67, GIIIA C60/75, GIIIA C65/80, GIIIA C70/85, GIIIA C80/95, GIIIA(R) C25/30, GIIIA(R) C28/35, GIIIA(R) C30/37, GIIIA(R) C32/40, GIIIA(R) C35/45, GIIIA(R) C40/50, GIIIA(R) C45/55, GIIIA(R) C50/60, GIIIA(R) C55/67, GIIIA(R) C60/75, GIIIA(R) C65/80, GIIIA(R) C70/85, GIIIA(R) C80/95, GIIIA(W) C25/30, GIIIA(W) C28/35, GIIIA(W) C30/37, GIIIA(W) C32/40, GIIIA(W) C35/45, GIIIA(W) C40/50, GIIIA(W) C45/55, GIIIA(W) C50/60, GIIIA(W) C55/67, GIIIA(W) C60/75, GIIIA(W) C65/80, GIIIA(W) C70/85, GIIIA(W) C80/95 GIIIA(RW) C25/30, GIIIA(RW) C28/35, GIIIA(RW) C30/37, GIIIA(RW) C32/40, GIIIA(RW) C35/45, GIIIA(RW) C40/50, GIIIA(RW) C45/55, GIIIA(RW) C50/60, GIIIA(RW) C55/67, GIIIA(RW) C60/75, GIIIA(RW) C65/80, GIIIA(RW) C70/85, GIIIA(RW) C80/95
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-741 9 February 2019 PanU-Green IIIB GIIIB C25/30, GIIIB C28/35, GIIIB C30/37, GIIIB C32/40, GIIIB C35/45, GIIIB C40/50, GIIIB C45/55, GIIIB C50/60, GIIIB C55/67, GIIIB C60/75, GIIIB C65/80, GIIIB C70/85, GIIIB C80/95, GIIIB C85/100 GIIIB(R) C25/30, GIIIB(R) C28/35, GIIIB(R) C30/37, GIIIB(R) C32/40, GIIIB(R) C35/45, GIIIB(R) C40/50, GIIIB(R) C45/55, GIIIB(R) C50/60, GIIIB(R) C55/67, GIIIB(R) C60/75, GIIIB(R) C65/80, GIIIB(R) C70/85, GIIIB(R) C80/95, GIIIB(R) C85/100 GIIIB(W) C25/30, GIIIB(W) C28/35, GIIIB(W) C30/37, GIIIB(W) C32/40, GIIIB(W) C35/45, GIIIB(W) C40/50, GIIIB(W) C45/55, GIIIB(W) C50/60, GIIIB(W) C55/67, GIIIB(W) C60/75, GIIIB(W) C65/80, GIIIB(W) C70/85, GIIIB(W) C80/95, GIIIB(W) C85/100 GIIIB(RW) C25/30, GIIIB(RW) C28/35, GIIIB(RW) C30/37, GIIIB(RW) C32/40, GIIIB(RW) C35/45, GIIIB(RW) C40/50, GIIIB(RW) C45/55, GIIIB(RW) C50/60, GIIIB(RW) C55/67, GIIIB(RW) C60/75, GIIIB(RW) C65/80, GIIIB(RW) C70/85, GIIIB(RW) C80/95, GIIIB(RW) C85/100
HL-Manufacturing Industries Sdn Bhd SGBP 2017-901 22 June 2019 HLMI-PFAC PFAC-C40(S3)
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-999 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton EN 206-1 Standard C8/10, C12/15, C16/20, C20/25, C30/37, C35/45
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-1000 9 August 2019 INSEE Hydropave TCVN 9340 Standard M7.5, M10, M15, M20
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
YTL CONCRETE (S) PTE LTD SGBP 2017-1103 11 October 2019 YTL Greencrete N154KKEN, N104YGNO, N1040GNO, N106PGNO, N0740GNO, N074OGNO, N1040LTA, N1040YLO, N104AGNO, N104OGNO, N104SSEN, N154LGNO, N154SSEN, N1540GNO, N1060LTA, P109PGNO, N106SSEN, N156KKEN, H154AKNO, H154AMNO, N154AGNO, N154AMNO, N154QGNO, N154YGNO, N205YGNO, N1070LTA, H155AKNO, H155AMNO, N1540LTA, N155AMNO, N156CGNO, N1540YGO, N1540YLO, N1550GNO, N155OGNO, N156BGNO, N156QGNO, N156SSEN, H204AKN0, N2040GNO, N204KKEN, N2050GNO, N206KKEN, N254YGNO, N107PGNO, P1080LTA, N154BGNO, N154PGNO, N156ASEN, N157CGNO, C2060GNO, C206SSEN, N2040YGO, N2040YLO, N206CGNO, N156PGNO, N2050YLO, N255YGNO, C207SSEN, H204AKNO, H204AMNO, N204AGNO, N204AMNO, N204YGNO, N207BTRS, N207KKEN, N157PGNO, P107PSEN, H205AKNO, H205AMNO, N205AGNO, N205AMNO, N206SSEN, N207CGNO, C2560GNO, C256SSEN, N2550GNO, H304AKN0, N204Q4NO, N2060GNO, N206AGNO, H254AKNO, H254AMNO, N2540GNO, N254AGNO, N254AMNO, N254KKEN, P254LSCK, H305AKN0, N254SSEN, N207SSEN, N255AGNO, N154Q2NO, N204BGNO, N204RGNO, N2070GNO, H255AKNO, H255AMNO, N2540YGO, N2540YLO. N255AMNO, N256KKEN, N256SSEN, N204QGNO, N205RGNO, N254Q4NO, N2550YGO, N2550YLO, N254Q5NO, N156Q2NO, N206QGNO, N2560GNO, N2570GNO, N304DSEN, N304KKEN, N304SKEN, N304SSEN, P3040DWO, P3040KWO, P254MSCK, N3050GNO, N306BSEN, N306DSEN, N306KKEN, N306SKEN, N306SSEN, P3060DWO, P3060KWO, P3060PWO, P159PGNO, C2080GNO, N206BGNO, E304SSEN, H304AMNO, N3040GNO, N3040YGO, N3040YLO, N304AGNO, N304Q3NO, N304YGNO, N3060GNO, N306BGNO, N306TSEN, N3070GNO, N206PGNO, P356APWO, P356EMWO, W356EGNO, N3050YGO, N3050YLO, N305AGNO, N305YGNO, N306DGNO, N306Q3NO, N307BGNO, W3050BKO, W305ACKO, W305ACNO, W305AGGO, W305BCNO, W305QGNO, W305SBNO, N3540GGO, N354AGGO, N354KKEN, N354Q2NO, N354SKEN, N354SSEN, N3550GNO, N355CGNO, N355Q2NO, N356KKEN, N356SKEN, N356SSEN, P3540KWO, P354ADWO, P354BTNO, P354CDWO, P354CTNO, P3560BXO, P3560KWO, P356AAWO, P356ABXO, P356BAWO, P356BDWO, P356BPWO, P356CFWO, P356CTNO, P356DBWO, P356DCWO, P356DDWO, P356DTNO, P356FBWO, P356FMWO, P356FRWO, P356GBWO, P356HBWO, P356IBWO, P356JBWO, P356KBWO, P356KKWO, P356LBWO, P356W32O, P356W32T, P356WBBO, P356WCCO, P356XYWO, W3560GNO, P4060SFO, N204Q5NO, N254QGNO, P2590GNO, E306SSEN, H304AKNO, H306AMNO, N304Q4NO, N304RGNO, N3060YGO, N3060YLO, N306AGNO, N306YGNO, P3080GNO, W304HSEN, W305OBNO, W305OCNO, W306ABEN, W306ACEN, N354CSEN, N354OLNO, N354XGNO, N355YGNO, N3560GNO, N356CGNO, P3060BWO, P356ASWO, W3540TNO, W355HHNO, W3560FCO, N207TGNO, P406G28C, P708GKKC, W708GKKC, P156FGRN, H356FGRA, P304XGNA, P306GGRA, P306XGNA, H358FGRA, H35HFGRA, P356GGRA, P354RCBB, P404AGRA, P406GGRA, P406WGRA, P356RCBB, P406AGRA, P306GERA, P357RCBB, P456GGRA, P404RCBB, P454AGRA, P3560BWA, P356GERA, P406GKWA, P406RCBB, P4090BWG, P4090KKG, P456AGRA, P3560AWG, P356UGRN, P306FGRN, P406GBCA, P407GKWA, P407RCBB, P4060BWA, P406GERA, P356FGRN, P4060AWG, P406UGRN, P4070GGW, P456GERA, P404FGRN, N154WCSO, N156WCSO, P1540GNC, P1560GNC, P2040GNC, P2060GNC, P2540GNC, P2560GNC, P304AGNC, P406ASFC, P4070SFC, P407ASFC, P4080SFC, P408ASFC, P306AGNC, P358DGNA, P359DGNA, P354BGNC, N356DGNA, N356XGNA, P358PBFC, P359T4HO, P408DGNA, P409DGNA, P4O6Y30C, P458NSFC, P458NTWC, P356BGNC, P407PBFC, P408PBFC, P408PBSC, P458PBFC, P359KKWO, P404DGNC, N406XGNA, P457KSFC, P404OKNC, P454OKNC, N357DGKA, P406DGNC, P407PDWC, P4570PWC, P457KKWC, P458DGNA, P4590KNA, P4590KNC, P406OKNC, P408PDWC, P457PBFD, P458PBFD, P40HSFMC, P457AKNC, P457XKNC, P456OKNC, P409PDWC, P457TKNC, P4580KNC, P459PBFD, P457OKNC, P507PBFC, P508PBFC, P558PBFC, P808T28C, P808TKKC, P509PBFC, P506OKNC, P507OKNC, P45XLKKA, P6040GNC, P6040MGC, P6050MGC, P606C30C, P608MICC, P6090MGO, P708GKKC, P708TKKC, P708YKKC, P7090KGO, P709A30C, P709AKKC, P709BKKC, W708GKKC, F759A28C, P808T28C, P808TKKC, P8090KKA, P8090KKC, P8090MGO, P809QMGA, F859A28C, P859MDFC, E407ES40
EASTERN PRETECH PTE LTD SGBP 2017-851 8 June 2019 EP HC50G (C40/50), HC50GW (C40/50), HC50GM (C40/50), HC60G (C50/60), HC60GW (C50/60), HC70G (C57/70), HC70GW (C57/70), HC80G (C65/80), HC80GW (C65/80), RC40G (C32/40), RC40GW (C32/40), RC50G (C40/50), RC50GW (C40/50), RC60G (C50/60), RC60GW (C50/60), RC70GL (C57/70), RC70GLW (C57/70), Normal G25-ID (C20/25), Normal G30-ID (C25/30), HC-501-GF (C50/60), Normal 25 (C20/25), Normal 35 (C28/35), RC-406-GF (C32/40), G45-PFA (C35/45), RC-411-GF (C40/50), RC-602-GFT (C50/60), HC50GF (C40/50), HC50GFW (C40/50), HC70GF (C57/70), HC70GFW (C57/70), HC80GF (C65/80), HC80GFW (C65/80), RC-406-GFW (C32/40), G45-PFAW (C35/45), RC-411-GFW (C40/50), TS60 (C50/60), RC50GF (C40/50), RC50GFW (C40/50), RC60GF (C50/60), RC60GFW (C50/60), RC70GF (C57/70), RC70GFW (C57/70)
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-739 9 February 2019 PanU-Green IIB GIIB C25/30, GIIB C28/35, GIIB C30/37, GIIB C32/40, GIIB C35/45, GIIB(R) C25/30, GIIB(R) C28/35, GIIB(R) C30/37, GIIB(R) C32/40, GIIB(R) C35/45, GIIB(W) C25/30, GIIB(W) C28/35, GIIB(W) C30/37, GIIB(W) C32/40, GIIB(W) C35/45, GIIB(RW) C25/30, GIIB(RW) C28/35, GIIB(RW) C30/37, GIIB(RW) C32/40, GIIB(RW) C35/45
HL-Manufacturing Industries Sdn Bhd SGBP 2017-900 22 June 2019 HLMI-PFAC PFAC-C50(S3), PFAC-C60(S3), PFAC-C60(S4)
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-991 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton TCVN 374/TCVN 9340 Standard B40/M600, B50/M700
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-995 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton ASTM C94 Standard C45, C50, C55, C60
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-998 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton EN 206-1 Standard C40/50, C45/55, C50/60, C55/67
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Top-Mix Concrete Pte Ltd G00350 9 March 2018 DuraCrete Grade 35
YTL CONCRETE (S) PTE LTD SGBP 2017-1102 11 October 2019 YTL Greencrete P355ES25, P3560FNO, P356ACWO, P356ADWO, P356AFWO, P356BBXO, P356BFNO, P356CAWO, P356CBXO, P356CMWO, P356ECWO, P356MBWO, P356NBWO, P357AFWO, P357ATNO, P357BTNO, P357CBWO, P357CTNO, P357DBWO, P357FBWO, P357GBWO, P357HBWO, P357IBWO, P357USFO, P358OGNA, P359AMWO, W3560WNO, W356BGNO, W356HGNO, W356SBEN, P359T6HO, H404AKN0, H404BKNO, P409T4HO, H405AKN0, H405BKNO, N4040GGO, N4040YGO, N4040YLO, N404AGGO, N404KKEN, N404SKEN, N404SSEN, N4050GNO, N406KKEN, N406SKEN, N406SSEN, P4040PWO, P4040TNO, P404APWO, P404BDWO, P404CDWO, P4060BXO, P4060CWO, P4060RWO, P406AAWO, P406ABXO, P406BBWO, P406BFWO, P406BPWO, P406BTNO, P406CBWO, P406CDWO, P406CLWB, P406CPWO, P406CTNO, P406DBWO, P406DDWO, P406DTNO, P406EBWO, P406EMWO, P406FBWO, P406FMWO, P406GBWO, P406HBWO, P406JBWO, P406KKWO, P406LBWO, P406W32O, P406W32T, P406WBBO, P406WCCO, W406GGNO, P4580TWC, P356GG25, P406FGRN, P406GFWN, W406FGRA, P407FGRN, P506GGRA, P508DKNA, P556GGRA, P6O6GGRA, P606ABWG, P606GGRA, P606ABWG, P606GGRA, P356UWCS , E307SSEN, H305AKNO, H305AMNO, N305RGNO, N306Q4NO, N306RGNO, N307AGNO, N307DGNO, N307YGNO, N309DGNO, W306HSEN, W306SBEN, E354SSEN, H354AMNO, N3540GNO, N3540YGO, N354AGNO, N354YGNO, N355OLNO, N3560GGO, N356A30C, N356AGGO, N356AGNO, N356DGNO, N356XGNO, N356YGGO, P354ATNO, P354ES25, P3560FWO, P356EBWO, W354OAKO, W354PGNO, N2040LTA, C2040GGO, N2060LTA, N206Q5NO, N2540LTA, N256QGNO, N306AM10, N3070YLO, N307BSEN, N307DSEN, N307KKEN, N307Q3NO, N307SSEN, P3060CWO, P307S4TA, N3540YLO, N354V4NO, N3550YGO, N3550YLO, N355AGNO, N355Q3NO, N355V4NO, N356CSEN, N357DGNO, P3550BWS, P3550CWS, W3550AKO, W3550BKO, W3550CKO, W3550GG0, W3550GGO, W3550GNO, W3550TNO, W355ABGO, W355ABKO, W355ACNO, W355AGGO, W355AGNO, W355BBKO, W355DCGO, W355HGNO, W355OAKO, W355OBKO, W355OBNO, W355OCKO, W355OCNO, W355PGNO, W355QGGO, W355QGNO, W355SBNO, W356ABNO, W356ACNO, P456NSFC, P356DMWO, N2560LTA, N3040LTA, N304QGNO, N307Q4NO, P309SSEN, E356SSEN, H354AKNO, N354ASEN, N354Q3NO, N354Q4NO, N3560YGO, N356BSEN, N356Q3NO, N356UENO, N357XGNO, P354DDWO, P3560AWO, P3560BWO, P3560CWO, P3560MWO, P3560PWO, P3560SWO, P3560TNO, P3560XWO, P356ABWO, P356ATNO, P356BBWO, P356BCWO, P356BMWO, P356BTNO, P356CBWO, P356CCWO, P3590AWO, P3590BWO, P359ABWO, W355ACKO, W3560ANO, W3560BSN, W3560CNO, W3560CSN, W3560TNO, W3560ZNO, W356ABEN, W356ABSN, W356ACEN, W356AGNO, W356BANO, W356BBNO, W356BBSN, W356BCNO, W356CGNO, W356D30C, W356DGNO, W356PGNO, W356PSEN, H355AKNO, P406IBWO, N2070LTA, C256AMNO, N306QGNO, N307AM10, N3080GNO, H355AMNO, N3540LTA, N3560YLO, N356AM10, N356ASEN, N357BSEN, N357KKEN, N357SGNO, N357SSEN, N357UENO, N359CGNO, P3540FNO
K.U.S PRE-CAST (S) PTE LTD SGBP 2017-1045 5 September 2019 KUSGM KUSGM-30 (C25/30)
K.U.S PRE-CAST (S) PTE LTD SGBP 2017-1046 5 September 2019 KUSGM KUSGM-40 (C32/40)
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-736 9 February 2019 PanU-Green I GI C25/30, GI C28/35, GI(R) C25/30, GI(R) C28/35, GI(W) C25/30, GI(W) C28/35, GI(RW) C25/30, GI(RW) C28/35
Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd SGBP 2017-738 9 February 2019 PanU-Green IIA GIIA C25/30, GIIA C28/35, GIIA C30/37, GIIA C32/40, GIIA(R) C25/30, GIIA(R) C28/35, GIIA(R) C30/37, GIIA(R) C32/40, GIIA(W) C25/30, GIIA(W) C28/35, GIIA(W) C30/37, GIIA(W) C32/40, GIIA(RW) C25/30, GIIA(RW) C28/35, GIIA(RW) C30/37, GIIA(RW) C32/40
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-990 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton TCVN 374/TCVN 9340 Standard B60/M800
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-993 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton ASTM C94 Standard C70, C80
Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Ltd SGBP 2017-997 9 August 2019 INSEE Green Beton EN 206-1 Standard C60/75, C70/85, C80/95
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
YTL CONCRETE (S) PTE LTD SGBP 2017-1101 11 October 2019 YTL Greencrete P2080LA, P2080LTA , N3060LTA, C305AKNO, H308AMNO, N3070LTA, P307OCWO, P309PLTA, N307CGNO, P3060HNO, N356PGNO, H356AKNO, H356AMNO, H358KKKO, N354RGNO, N355QGNO, N355RGNO, N356RGNO, P356EZ25, P358AGNO, C359TLTA, E357SSEN, H354DKNO, H356DKNO, H358PKN0, H35HAMNO, N354QDNO, N354QGNO, N355SFNO, N3560LTA, N356ALTA, N3570GGO, N3570YLO, N357AGGO, N357AM10, N357ASEN, N357YGNO, P3570AWO, P3570BWO, P3570BXO, P3570CWO, P3570FWO, P3570TNO, P3570XWO, P357AAWO, P357ABWO, P357ABXO, P357ADWO, P357BBWO, P357BBXO, P357EBWO, P357O30C, P3580GNA, P358UENO, P358USFO, P3590MWO, P359DTNA, W3570ANO, W3570BNO, W3570CNO, W3570GNO, W357PSEN, W3580BNO, N356QGNO, N3570LTA, N357DSNO, N357PGNO, P356AMWO, P356ES25, P357PLTA, P359BBWO, W356HSEN, H357DKNO, H358AMNO, H359AKNO, H359DKNO, H359TKNO, N354Q6NO, N357BGNO, N357DZNO, N357Q3NO, N357RGNO, N357ZSEN, N359BGNO, P354BDWO, P354DTNO, P356SKWO, P356WHGO, P3570KKO, P357EGNO, P3580GNO, P358EGNO, P358MGW0, P358MGWO, P3590LTA, P359PLTA, P359PM1O, P359USFO, W358ABNO, W358AHWO, H406AKN0, H408AKN0, N4060GNO, N406A30C, N406RETO, W4050GGO, W405SBGO, H406BKNO, H407AKN0, N4040LTA, N404AGNO, N404OLNO, N404Q2NO, N404Q3NO, N4050YGO, N4050YLO, N4060GGO, N4060JHO, N406AGNO, N406ASEN, N406DGNO, N406RT3N, P4040KWO, P404ADWO, P404ATNO, P404DDWO, P404ES28, P406032O, P406D30O, P406D32O, P406ETNO, P406FDWO, P406KBWO, P407PLTA, P407S4TA, P408PLTA, W404PGNO, W4050GNO, W405SBNO, W406FGNO, H406DKNO, H406XKNO, N404YGNO, N405OLNO, N405Q2NO, N405Q3NO, N406AGGO, P406BAWO, P407QLTA, P409R6HO, W405AGNO, W405PGNO, W405XGNO, W4060FCO, P406DMWO, C408TLTA, H404AKNO, H404AMNO, H406HKNO, N404QGNO, N404R2NO, N405YGNO, N4060LTA, N4060YGO, N406KGNO, N406Q3NO, N406XGNO, N407ALTA, N407DGNO, N407PM10, N407XLTA, P404ASFO, P4060AWO, P4060DWO, P4060FWO, P4060GGO, P4060KWO, P4060MWO, P4060PWO, P4060SWO, P4060TNO, P406ABWO, P406ADWO, P406AFWO, P406APWO, P406ASFO, P406ATNO, P406BBXO, P406BDWO, P406BMWO, P406CBXO, P406CMWO, P406DPWO, P406EDWO, P406EGNC, P406ES25, P406EZ28, P406FTNO, P4070KWO, P407HBWO, P407USFO, P408032O, P4080GNO, P4090AWO, P4090BWO, P409ABWO, P409QLTA, W406032C, W4060BGO, W4060BSN, W4060CNO, W4060CSN, W4060GNO, W4060WNO, W4060ZNO, W406ABNO, W406ACNO, W406AGNO, W406ATNO, W406BANO, W406BBNO, W406BBPB, W406BCNO, W406BTNO, W406CCNO, W406CTNO, W406DANO, W406DBNO, W406DCNO, W406DGNO, W406EANO, W406EBNO, W406EGNO, W406HGNO, W406PGNO, W406PSEN, W406SBEN, W408W32C, P409T6HO, P457PLTA, P457S4TA, P458PLTA, C458TLTA, C508TLTA, P504S2TA, P506S3TA, P506SLTA, P507PLTA, P507S4TA, P508PLTA, P508SLTA, N557TLTA, P558TLTA, C557TLTA, C558TLTA, P608TLTA, C608TLTA, N607TLTA, C608TLTA, N607TLTA, P608TLTA, P4040RCA, P404ARCA, P406RCAO, P406RCAT, P357UWCS, W406FGRN, P407TGGW, P456UGRN, P504RCBB, P506RCBB, P509DKNA, P507RCBB, N605OMGA
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00450 4 August 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE PFAC 15 35 S2, 35 HP, 35 S3, 35 S1
EASTERN PRETECH PTE LTD SGBP 2017-850 8 June 2019 EP RC90G (C70/90), RC90GW (C70/90), HCS-AV5/WV6 (C40/50), HCSWV- 8 (C40/50), HCS-EV5 (C40/50), HCS-EV6 (C40/50), Normal G40- ID (C32/40), Normal G40-OD (C32/40), RMC G40-ID (C32/40), Normal G40 with 10mm-ID (C32/40), SFRC Tunnel G60-ID (C50/60), HCSAV4/ MV4 (C40/50), HCS-AV5/MV5 (C40/50), HCS-EV6 (C40/50), Normal G40 (RMC-402) (C32/40), Normal G45 (C35/45), HCS-EV4 SF5% (C40/50), RC70G (C57/70), RC70GW (C57/70), RC80G (C65/80), RC80GW (C65/80), RC80GF (C65/80), RC80GFW (C65/80), RC90GF (C70/90), RC90GFW (C70/90)
Sinmix Pte Ltd G00412 22 June 2018 ECO Singreen Typpe II-A Grade 45
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00434 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 45 HP, 45 S4, 45 S2, 45 S3
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00446 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 60 S3, 60 HP, 60 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00432 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 35 HP, 35 S4, 35 S2, 35 S3
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00435 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 50 S2, 50 S3, 50 HP, 50 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00431 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 30 S2, 30 S3, 30 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00453 4 August 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE PFAC 15 50 S2, 50 S3, 50 HP, 50 S1
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00433 27 June 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE 40 S2, 40 S3, 40 HP, 40 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00449 4 August 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE PFAC 15 30 S2, 30 HP, 30 S3, 30 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00451 4 August 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE PFAC 15 40 S2, 40 HP, 40 S3, 40 S4
Island Concrete (Pte) Ltd G00452 4 August 2018 I-ENVIROCRETE PFAC 15 45 S2, 45 HP, 45 S3, 45 S4
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Company Certificate Number Valid Till Brand Model(s)
Cobiax Technologies (Asia) Pte Ltd SGBP 2016-466 4 January 2018 Cobiax Ball System
Cobiax Technologies (Asia) Pte Ltd SGBP 2016-465 4 January 2018 Cobiax Voided Slab